Trip to Australia -- Online Diary

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... A great dream of adventure was perceived in the minds of a few young children somewhere deep within the cold Nordic land of Finland. A dream filled with exploration, breathtaking vistas of surreal landscapes and the most important magic in the world -- friendship. A dream of someday visiting the mythical land of Australia.

Years later, the now grown-up friends decided to make their aspirations come true. And so the dream finally morphed from its ethereal half-state into full reality...


Travel route in Australia (small) This is the website of three travellers from Finland who decided to tour Australia from late September to early December of 2003. You'll find information about the travellers and the trip. Some links to interesting Australia related sites are also provided. The main feature is our online travel diary which we will update during our trip either through the internet or on the road with SMSes from our mobile phones.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to send us an e-mail but remember -- we probably won't be around to answer it until December. :-)

Latest updates

Monday 10.01.2011: A surprise update! Feel free to read about week 5 of our travels in Australia. We're now halfway through. Another seven years and we'll be done!

Sunday 13.09.2009: Hehe, I expect you didn't see this one coming: here's Week 4! Keep your fingers crossed for Week 5 sometime during the next three years.

Friday 10.11.2006: What? An actual update? The hell must have frozen over. I'm not even sorry anymore about lack of updates but here's finally Week 3 of the trip report! Woohoo! Oz rules! Expect the next update in 2008. :-)

Saturday 13.11.2004: Week 2 of the trip report is now online. Sorry it took so long. I really am. I've already written most of the week 3 report so it should be coming online relatively shortly.

Thursday 26.02.2004: Better late than never - some pictures and text detailing our trip are up. Just click Week 1 from the Trip report menu. More to come, one week at a time.