Nikon CoolPix 5400 vs Canon G5 - kuvaweopu's comparison
[July 2003]

UPDATE! [03 Aug 2003] I bought the Nikon CoolPix 5400 and a 1 GB Microdrive for 929 euros from Technikdirekt. And I saw that it was gooood. Some pics here.

Green is good, red is bad. Grey is neutral. Green means a considerably better feature than competition or the other camera. Red means worse than competition and neutral is a feature on par with others.

Only features that I consider important to myself are considered - features that are the same with both cameras have been left out.

Nikon CoolPix 5400Canon G5
size108 x 73 x 69 mm, 380 g121 x 74 x 70 mm, 481 g
accessoriesbattery, charger, 16 MB CF, lens cap, neck strap, USB & AV cable, softwarebattery, charger/adapter, 32 MB CF, Remote Control, lens cap, shoulder strap, USB & AV cable, software
battery life3 h 06 min4 h 33 min
orientation sensornoyes
lens28 - 116 mm35 - 140 mm
lens apertureF2.8 - F4.6F2.0 - F3.0
AF assistnoyes
image detailgoodvery good
image noisegoodaverage
image colorvery goodgood
chromatic aberrationvery goodaverage
shutter/AF lagaverageaverage
usability/bufferingaveragevery good
continuous modevery goodgood

This table was compiled to help me decide which of the above cameras to buy. Big thanks to the reviewers at, especially for the reviews of Nikon CoolPix 5400, Canon G5 and Sony DSC-V1 (DSC-V1 was excluded from my considerations because it lacks compact flash memory storage, otherwise it's a great camera, better in some aspects than the G5 and CP 5400). Here's a great comparison of the chromatic aberration between the three cameras.